This site is focused primarily on people with disabilities in Ireland. Our primary goal is to educate and inform the reader of the many great organisations that help these people with their individual needs. We also have an emphasis on sports and physical activities that people with disabilities can enjoy.

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We have a section on recent news related to this topic. Here you will get to read some of the biggest stories about Irish sport and people with disabilities. This includes the story of a football player who defied the odds to take part in the championships.

We look at many of the most popular sports within Ireland including the Gaelic games and horse racing. There are many great sports contests for people who suffer from disabilities. We delve into the most significant of these.Image result for Physical Activity

We also have a section that explores the ways people with disabilities have been encouraged to take up a sport in Ireland. This includes the positive effects that the 2012 Olympics has had on young people. There is even a section that is useful for casino owners. We talk about some of the best sports organisations that gambling establishments can sponsor.

It is estimated that over 600,000 people throughout Ireland are currently suffering from some form of disability. We hope that the readers of this site will find it useful and informative. Our articles are there to raise awareness of the positive effects that sport is having on those with mobility issues and mental illness.