Camphill Communities is an international group who strive to provide homes for those who have intellectual disabilities. They bring together many different types of people with special needs. These people are given roles to work so that they can become active members of the society.

Image result for Camphill CommunitiesCommon roles played by these people include farmers and wood workers. When tourists visit these communities, they are able to buy products made by the disabled citizens. The communities also contain able minded volunteers. Their job is to care for and look after those with special needs.

There is a strong sense of community amongst those in these types of homes in Ireland. The people who live there work together and help each other to the best of their ability. There are so far 18 of these communities within the Republic of Ireland. Worldwide, there are over 100.

Camphill Communities recognise that each individual has their own specific special needs. Because of this, they strive to cater for each person as much as possible. There is an emphasis on giving dignity to those who suffer from mental illness. It does not matter the age or background of the person in question. If they are in need of a home, then the initiative is there to help.

The homes contain schools that specialise in teaching students with special needs. Some of the communities also have colleges so that citizens can continue on to a higher level of education. There are centres of work for the adult members of the community. This is so that the people within them can stay active and have a sense that they are working towards the greater whole of the village. This model of care has been going on for 7 decades and has proven to be effective at giving disabled people a higher quality of life.