This organisation strives to make the lives of the disabled citizens of Ireland a fairer one. Their main hope is that one day everyone will be equally valued, regardless of their special needs. They do this by actively listening to the people who deal with these issues on a day to day basis. They then do their most to make this voice heard by the general public.

They estimate that there are currently over half a million people in Ireland who have a form of disability. The organisation sees themselves as a force for change. They recognise that the current culture around disability is not fit for purpose and that there needs to be many changes in the coming years.

They have looked into a number of issues that affect disabled people. This includes education. According to the Disability Federation Of Ireland, children with special needs find it much harder to get a place in the education system. They also have difficulty learning due to the fact that schools do not cater to their own individual special needs.

Image result for Disability Federation Of IrelandEmployment is also a major issue. There are many disabled people in Ireland who have great difficulty both finding and holding onto a job. This has major consequences for their quality of life and the lives of those who care for them. Without a sufficient income to live on, there are a large number of disabled Irish citizens who are currently living in poverty.

One of the biggest problems faced by the broad population of disabled Irish citizens is accessibility. There are many buildings in the country that are simply not accessible to those with mobility issues. The organisation looks at each of these problems and are vocal at how they need to be remedied in order to improve the lives of many people.