Although many people have disabilities in Ireland, there are only a handful of charities dedicated to their well being. Enable Ireland is an organisation that emphasises the need for people with disabilities to have an increased sense of independence. They also strive to make sure that these citizens of Ireland are able to live with both choice and within a community that offers inclusion.

They help 5,000 people in the country to have their unique needs taken care of, working with individuals from childhood into adulthood to maintain their quality of life. One of the reasons that this community-based organisation is so successful is their approach to the people under their care. They recognise that each individual has their own unique and diverse set of special needs. Because of this, they tailor-make their care system around the individual.

TheyImage result for Enable Ireland - An Organisation That Cares also work with families who have people with disabilities within them. They offer help and informational services so that these families know how to better look after them. They give these families as much control as possible in their care packages, living up to their motto of a “Life Witht No Limits”.

They are available in 14 counties in Ireland. Their approach is to look at their customers as people first and with disabilities second. Every person with disabilities is different, and the Enable Ireland organisation recognises this. Fionnuala O’Donovan, CEO of the organisation, has stated that the general public must adapt their world to the needs of the less fortunate.

The organisation has many business partners that help to raise awareness, as well as fund charitable endeavours. These companies include Microsoft and TK Maxx. They also have an ambassador rock group called the Strypes, who help to raise awareness of Enable Ireland and the excellent work that they do for the community.