Hot Weather Sparks Health Warnings

Ireland has experienced a significant heatwave in recent weeks. This has caused concern for the well being of many Irish citizens with disabilities, and those with heart and lung problems are particularly at risk. The hot weather means that people are more likely to experience dizziness and succumb to dehydration.

It is important that vulnerable people and their carers are appropriately educated on what do when the climate gets this warm. Staying hydrated is a priority. It is important that people drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages. It is recommended that six to eight glasses are drunk each day.

Staying cool is also essential. Summer appropriate attire should be worn during the day. It is useful to sleep under a thinner bed sheet than you would during the winter months. Investing in a fan or air conditioning is also an option for those who can afford it.

Image result for Hot Weather Sparks Health WarningsThe elderly are of particular concern during this type of weather. Extremely high temperatures can be very dangerous to the health of older people. In Japan, during the summer of 2018, there has been a sharp rise in mortality rates amongst the aged due to the hot weather.

These issues also affect younger people who suffer similar long-term health problems. These ailments can be further exacerbated by the summer heat. It is recommended that those with these conditions avoid direct contact with the sun and cover up with sun lotion. Sunburns are a common thing seen during this season. However, they can contribute to existing health problems for those with disabilities.

Heat stroke is also a danger for the disabled at this time of the year. It is recommended that those vulnerable to this wear loose fitting clothes and take a cold shower if they get too hot during the day.