The 2012 London Olympics were very effective at creating new opportunities for people, not just throughout Ireland, but also the entire United Kingdom and Northern Ireland as well. The Games helped to get the population interested in sports and staying active. This is especially true for the younger generations.

Recent studies have shown that after the Olympics theImage result for How the 2012 Olympics Enhanced Sporting Opportunities in Irelandre was a renewed interest in keeping fit amongst children. This also extended to those with disabilities. There has been a worrying trend amongst the Irish youth, as childhood obesity is on the rise, and action needs to be taken to protect the health of the young. The Olympics helped to reverse this trend. It got more children interested in performing in sports and therefore improved their health.

Readers may ask how this had affected Irish children so much when the Games were actually held in London. The answers lie in how extensively the Olympics were covered in the media. People all over the world watched the different athletes perform their skills. This was seen on TV sets throughout the globe. In Ireland, this was no exception.

Often people with disabilities are at particular risk of succumbing to obesity, and the health problems to come with it. This is more likely to happen to them due to their mobility restrictions. The Olympics inspired these people to try their hand at more physical activities. This was further helped by the start of the Paralympics as well. This showed people with disabilities in Ireland that, regardless of their condition, they can still achieve greatness in sport.

The Olympics led to a new surge in the number of sports clubs being founded. These clubs are often inclusive to people with disabilities. This has helped to further integrate both people who are able bodied and those who have mobility restrictions.