Paul Cassidy To Represent Northern Ireland

Paul Cassidy is a footballer with a very inspiring story. Recently he was pronounced by paramedics and medical staff legally dead, only to be revived eight minutes later. After a gruelling recovery he is not only back playing the game he loves, he also gets to play for his country.

Image result for Cerebral Palsy European ChampionshipsHe is part of a 14-man team who will be travelling to the Netherlands for the Cerebral Palsy European Championships. In 2010 the Belfast born playing was cleaning a garage roof when he suddenly fell and hit his head. The extremely serious injuries he sustained meant that doctors assumed he would not survive.

To save his life, the medical team had to place him into an induced coma. After a week of this ordeal he was finally awoken. he had experienced a fractured skull and severe swelling to his brain. It was only when he woke up that realised how close he had been to death.

Now eight years later Cassidy has fully recovered and in the best shape of his life. It was a long road to returning to normally function however. He had to learn how to do simple tasks like walking all over again. He also had difficulty moving his entire left side. There were times when he thought he would never get back to normal.

It took him two and half years to finally get back to playing the game that he loves. Thanks to the injury to his brain he was able to qualify to play nationally at the 2018 Cerebral Palsy European Championships. For him to get this far he had to endure intense physio therapy. His story has been inspiration to the people of Ireland. It shows that despite disability a person can achieve their dreams if they work hard for it.