Special Olympics Casino Funding

The Paralympic Games have helped support people with physical disabilities tremendously over the years by offering the chance for athletes to compete in sporting events. But what about sportsmen and women with intellectual disabilities? Well, that is where the Special Olympics comes into play. It is the largest organisation intent on encouraging the mentally challenged to be more active.

A casino organisation can benefit greatly from funding such a charitable cause. It allows both children and adults to get involved and provides the training for millions of athletes all across the globe. Such a wide spread event allows great exposure for a casino through advertising their sponsorship in front of a mass audience.

Image result for River BelleThe Special Olympics has recently become televised internationally. The coverage tends to focus on the very best participants in their chosen sport, much like how the press covers the Olympic Games. Therefore, the casino sponsor can offer financial support in order to have their brand televised. This publicity does not only have to extend to the brand name. It could also include announcements about new casino developments, such as new River Belle games or slot machines.

However, there is one issue that the casino sponsor should be made aware of. The event is only held sporadically. Since its inception in the US in 1968, the Special Olympics have been held every two years. This means that any advertisement the sponsor wishes to promote must adhere to a specific time period. Any advertising campaign plans need to be completed and ready to roll out soon before the games are set to begin. They may also require approval from the body behind the games. It must be remembered that the Special Olympics is also a brand. As such, all corresponding sponsorship should be consistent with the event’s core beliefs and values.