Sport Ireland is an organisation that was established in 2015 in order to help organise sporting activities across the country. They have been particularly supportive in encouraging the disabled portion of the country to take up more physical activities.

The organisation was built on the ethos that sports can enhance the communities within Ireland as well as improve the overall well being of those who participate in them. They believe it is very important that young people are able to play games and that this is a crucial part of their development and growth.

They strive to help meet the individual needs of disabled people who want to play sports. The organisation holds a large number of events all throughout Ireland. One of their priorities is inclusion for all people. This includes those with mobility restrictions.

Image result for Sport IrelandThey have recently released a statement in which they express the many commitments they have towards the disabled of Ireland. They want all people from every skill level to be able to play mainstream sports. They also want to make sure that these people are given the opportunities necessary for this. In order for this to become a reality they have promised to organise disability focused sports events.

They understand that disabled people can have issues accessing sports centres and venues. They have committed themselves to improving this situation. They will do this by promoting a culture of equal access for all, regardless of age or disability. They have also stated clearly that they want to provide more sports specific services throughout the country.

This is great news for anyone with disabilities who always wanted to participate in sports but were held back. It shows that the future of sports in Ireland will be one equality. More information on Sport Ireland can be found on their official website.